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9:00 Organizers: Opening

9:10 Eva van Rikxoort LOLA11 Overview

9:40 Bianca Lassen, Jan-Martin Kuhnigk, Michael Schmidt, Stefan Krass, and Heinz-Otto Peitgen Lung and Lung Lobe Segmentation Methods at Fraunhofer MEVIS

10:05 Albert Montillo Context Selective Decision Forests and their Application to Lung Segmentation in CT Images

10:30 Posters and demos During this session coffee/tea will be served from 10:30-10:45

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Keynote Heidi Roberts, Professor of Radiology, University of Toronto. Lung Cancer Screening Using Low-Dose CT: nodules, mortality …. and what’s beyond?

Airway analysis
14:25 Jens Petersen, Vladlena Gorbunova, Mads Nielsen, Asger Dirksen, Pechin Lo, and Marleen de Bruijne Longitudinal Analysis of Airways using Registration

14:50 Pechin Lo, Eva M. van Rikxoort, Jonathan Goldin, Fereidoun Abtin, Marleen de Bruijne and Matthew Brown A Bottom-up approach for labeling of human airway trees

15:15 Coffee/tea

15:50 Laurent Risser, Mattias Heinrich, Daniel Rueckert, Julia Schnabel Multi-modal diffeomorphic registration using mutual information: Application to the registration of CT and MR pulmonary images

16:15 Vivien Delmon, Simon Rit, David Sarrut, Romulo Pinho Direction dependent B-splines decomposition for the registration of sliding objects

16:40 Francesco Ciompi, Alexios Palaioroutas, Martine Loeve, Oriol Pujol, Petia Radeva, Harm Tiddens, Marleen de Bruijne, on behalf of the CT CFS study group Lung tissue classification in severe advanced cystic fibrosis from CT scans

17:05 Pragnya Maduskar, Laurens Hogeweg, Helen Ayles, Rodney Dawson, Pim de Jong, Nico Karssemeijer, Bram van Ginneken Cavity segmentation in chest radiographs

17:30 Organizers: Closing/end of workshop

- Laurent Risser, Habib Baluwala, Julia Schnabel Diffeomorphic registration with sliding conditions: Application to the registration of lungs CT images

- Yasushi Hirano, Xu Rui, Rie Tachibana, Shoji Kido A Method to Extract Airway Tree Using Cavity Enhancement Filter

- Bulat Ibragimov, Tomaz Vrtovec, Franjo Pernus, Bostjan Likar Segmentation of Lung Fields by Game Theory and Optimal Control

- Chen-Rui Chou, Brandon Frederick, Xiaoxiao Liu, Gig Mageras, Sha Chang, Stephen Pizer CLARET: A Fast Deformable Registration Method Applied to Lung Radiation Therapy

- Yuanzhong Li, Wataru Ito, Shingo Iwano Interactive Segmentation of Lung Nodules using AdaBoost and Graph Cuts

- Ulrik Stephansen,Ronnie Horup, Mikkel Gram, Jens Olesen, Jesper Carl, Anne Sofie Korsager, Lasse Østergaard Airway Tree Segmentation for Optimal Stent Placement in Image-guided Radiotherapy

- Jan Rühaak, Stefan Heldmann, Bernd Fischer Improving Lung Registration by Incorporating Anatomical Knowledge: A Variational Approach

- Keita Nakagomi Multi-shape graph-cuts and its application to lung segmentation from a chest CT volume

- Simon Rit, Romulo Pinho, Vivien Delmon, Maxime Pech, Gauthier Bouilhol, Joël Schaerer, Bharath Navalpakkam, Jef Vandemeulebroucke, Pierre Seroul David Sarrut VV, a 4D slicer

- Colin Jacobs, Keelin Murphy, Thorsten Twellmann, Pim de Jong, Bram van Ginneken Computer-Aided Detection of Solid and Ground Glass Nodules in Thoracic CT images using two independent CAD systems

- Pragnya Maduskar, Laurens Hogeweg, Helen Ayles, Rodney Dawson, Pim de Jong, Nico Karssemeijer, Bram van Ginneken Cavity segmentation in chest radiographs

LOLA11 posters
- Shanhui Sun, Christian Bauer, Reinhard Beichel Robust Active Shape Model Based Lung Segmentation in CT Scans

- Romulo Pinho, Vivien Delmon, Jef Vandemeulebroucke, Simon Rit, David Sarrut Keuhkot A Method for Lung Segmentation

- René Korn, Günter Schmidt, Johann Kim, Gerd Binnig Description of a Fully Automatic Lung Segmentation Algorithm Based on the Cognition Network Technology

- Oliver Weinheimer, Tobias Achenbach, Claus Peter Heussel, Christoph Duber Automatic Lung Segmentation in MDCT Images

- Pechin Lo, Jonathan Goldin, David Oria, Ashley Banola, and Matthew Brown Historic Automated Lung Segmentation Method: Performance on LOLA11 Data Set

- Eva van Rikxoort and Bram van Ginneken Automatic segmentation of the lungs and lobes from thoracic CT scans
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