The First International Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis








Preliminary Program


Welcome and introduction
Session #1: Nodules and CAD.
09:30 Robust lung nodule growth measurement by combining registration and segmentation Kabus, Sven
09:50 A Novel Approach for Accurate Estimation of the Growth Rate of the Detected Lung Nodules El-Baz, Ayman
10:10 Computerized generation of realistic pulmonary nodule phantoms in helical CT images Zhang, Xiangwei
10:30 Coffee break  
Session #2: Respiratory motion.
10:50 Respiratory Motion Modeling and Estimation Klinder, Tobias
11:10 Registration-based lung tissue mechanics assessment during tidal breathing Ding, Kai
11:30 Lung ventilation estimation based on 4D-CT imaging Kabus, Sven
11:50 Estimating Respiratory Motion from Cone-Beam Projections Vandemeulebroucke, Jef
13:40 Keynote Presentation Naidich, David
Session #3: Segmentation and Quantification.
14:40 Automated Quantitative Assessment of Lung Fissure Integrity on CT Brown, Matthew
Poster session and demos; continuing through coffee break at 16:00
Session #3: Segmentation and Quantification (continued)
16:20 Optimal Graph-Based Segmentation of 3D Pulmonary Airway and Vascular Trees Across Bifurcations Liu, Xiaomin
16:40 Vessel-guided airway segmentation based on voxel classification Lo, Pechin
17:00 Segmentation of Juxtapleural Lung Nodules in CT Scans Based on Ellipsoid Approximation Sørensen, Lauge
17:20 Texture Based Emphysema Quantification in Lung CT Moltz, Jan Hendrik
Final remarks from program committee, close of workshop



Poster Session and Software Demos


Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis
A Multi-Scale Topo-Morphologic Approach for Separating Arteries and Veins in Pulmonary CT Images Saha, Punam Kumar
An automated visualization system for pulmonary blood flow assessment using non-contrast enhanced and contrast enhanced CT images Kido, Shoji
Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Large Lung Cancers from Chest CT Images zhou, jinghao
Comprehensive emphysema subtype diagnosis using structured expert knowledge Schaeffer, Jaron
Integral Geometry Descriptors for Characterizing Emphysema and Lung Fibrosis in HRCT Images Bhalerao, Abhir
Local Characteristic Features for Computer Aided Detection of Pulmonary Embolism in CT Angiography Liang, Jianming
Lung Tissue Analysis Using Isotropic Polyharmonic B–Spline Wavelets Depeursinge, Adrien
Software System Demos
Airway Inspector: an Open Source Application for Lung Morphometry San Jose Estepar, Raul
Automated Lymph Node Labeling System Kiraly, Atilla
Pulmonary Analysis Software Suite 9.0: Integrating Quantitative Measures of Function with Structural Analyses Guo, Junfeng
Automatic Non-rigid Lung Registration Method for the Visualization of Regional Air Trapping in Chest CT scans Lee, Jeongjin
Quantitative Assessment of Registration in Thoracic CT Murphy, Keelin
Registration of Hyperpolarized Helium-3 Diffusion MR Images for the Assessment of Changes with Albuterol Treatment in COPD Patients Burstein, Pablo
Respiratory Motion
Analysis of 4D CT cine images for the characterization of organ motion due to breathing Spadea, Maria Francesca
Modelling the respiratory motion of the internal organs by using Canonical Correlation Analysis and dynamic MRI Gao, Gang
A Simultaneous Segmentation and Regularization Framework for Vessel Extraction in CT Images Song, Gang
Background estimation in CT lung images with applications to perfusion visualisation and lobe separation Bruyninckx, Pieter
Fuzzy Pulmonary Vessel Segmentation Using Optimized Vessel Enhancement Filtering Kaftan, Jens
Robust segmentation of pulmonary nodules of various densities: from ground-glass opacities to solid nodules Kubota, Toshiro