9:30 Organizers: Opening

Session I: Computer-Aided Diagnosis
9:40 William D Lindsay, Jiancong Wang, Nicholas Sachs, Eduardo Barbosa, and James Gee. Transfer learning approach to predict biopsy-confirmed malignancy of lung nodules from imaging data: a pilot study.

10:00 Charles Hatt, Craig Galban, Wassim Labaki, Ella Kazerooni, David Lynch, and Meilan Han. Convolutional Neural Network Based COPD and Emphysema Classifications Are Predictive of Lung Cancer Diagnosis.

10:20 Carlos Cano Espinosa, German Gonzalez, George R. Washko, Miguel Cazorla, and Raúl San José Estépar. On the Relevance of the Loss Function in the Agatston Score Regression from non-ECG Gated CT Scans.

10:40 Pietro Nardelli, Mathias Buus Lanng, Cecile Brochdorff Moller, Anne-Sofie Hendrup Andersen, Alex Skovsbo Jørgensen , Lasse Østergaard, and Raúl San José Estépar. Accurate Measurement of Airway Morphology on Chest CT images.

11:00 Coffee Break

Session II: Acquisition, Enhancement, and Registration
Gonzalo Vegas Sanchez-Ferrero, and Raúl San José Estépar. A CT scan harmonization technique to detect Emphysema and Small Airway Diseases.

11:50 Wei Shao, Taylor Patton, Sarah Gerard, Yue Pan, Joseph Reinhardt, John Bayouth, Oguz Durumeric, and Gary Christensen. Detecting Out-of-phase Ventilation Using 4DCT to Improve Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer.

12:10 Sonja Jaeckle and Stefan Heldmann. Rigid Lens - Locally Rigid Approximations of Deformable Registration for Change Assessment in Thorax-Abdomen CT Follow-Up Scans.

12:30 Invited Speaker: Prof. Pedro Romero, University of Granada

13:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Poster Presentation
Santiago Sanz-Estébanez, Lucilio Cordero-Grande, Marcos Martín-Fernández, and Carlos Alberola-López. Robust Windowed Harmonic Phase Analysis with a Single Acquisition.

P2 Ophir Gozes andHayit Greenspan. Lung Structures Enhancement in Chest Radiographs via CT based FCNN Training.

P3 Adam Szmul, Tahreema Matin, Fergus V. Gleeson, Julia A Schnabel, Vicente Grau, and Bartlomiej W Papiez. XeMRI to CT Lung Image Registration Enhanced with Personalized 4DCT-derived Motion Mode.

P4 Jorge Onieva Onieva, Berta Marti-Fuster, María Pedrero de la Puente, and Raúl San José Estépar. Diffeomorphic lung registration using deep CNNs and reinforced learning.

P5 Stephen Humphries, Aleena M. Notary, Juan Pablo Centeno, and David A. Lynch. Automatic classification of centrilobular emphysema on CT using deep learning: comparison with visual scoring.

P6 Guilherme Moreira Aresta, Teresa Araújo, Colin Jacobs, Bram van Ginneken, António Cunha, Isabel Ramos, and Aurélio Campilho. Towards an automatic lung cancer screening system in low dose computed tomography.

P7 Ana Ortega-Gil, Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, Laura Fernández-Terron, and Juan Jose Vaquero. Tuberculosis histopathology on x ray CT.

P8 Maayan Frid-Adar, Avi Ben-Cohen, Rula Amer, and Hayit Greenspan. Improving the Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Chest Radiographs using U-Net with an ImageNet Pre-trained Encoder.

15:00 Poster teaser and discussion (1 min pitch and 2 min questions)

Session III: Segmentation I
15:30 German Gonzalez, George Washko, and Raúl San José Estépar. Multi-Structure Segmentation from Partially Labeled Datasets. Application to Body Composition Measurements on CT scans.

15:50 Xiaoyong Wang, Pangyu Teng, Pechin Lo, Ashley Banola, Grace Kim, Fereidoun Abtin, Jonathan Goldin, and Matthew Brown. High throughput lung and lobar segmentation by 2D and 3D CNN on chest CT with diffuse lung disease.

16:10 Sarah Gerard, Jacob Herrmann, David Kaczka, and Joseph Reinhardt. Transfer Learning for Segmentation of Injured Lungs using Coarse-to-Fine Convolutional Neural Networks.

16:30 Coffe break

Session IV: Segmentation II
17:00 Karen Lopez-Linares Roman, Isaac De la Bruere, Jorge Onieva Onieva, Lasse Andresen, Jakob Qvortrup Holsting, Farbod N Rahaghi, Ivan Macia, Miguel Angel González Ballester, and Raúl San José Estépar. 3D pulmonary artery segmentation from CTA scans using deep learning with realistic data augmentation.

17:20 Antonio Garcia-Uceda Juarez, Harm Tiddens, and Marleen de Bruijne. Automatic Airway Segmentation in chest CT using Convolutional Neural Networks.

17:40 Organizers: Conclusion

17:50 Adjourn