14:00 Organizers: Opening

Oral Presentations - Session 1
14:05 Sarah E. Gerard, Hans J. Johnson, John E. Bayouth, Gary E. Christensen, Kaifang Du, Junfeng Guo, Joseph M. Reinhardt. Alpha Shapes for Lung Segmentation in the Presence of Large Tumors

14:27 Robin Sandkuehler, Christoph Jud, Philippe C. Cattin. On a Spectral Image Metric for Non-Rigid Group-wise Registration of Dynamic MR Image Series

Poster Teasers
14:50 Tatyana Ivanovska, Andreas Pomschar, Roberto Lorbeer, Wolfgang Kunz, Holger Schulz, Holger Hetterich, Henry Voelzke, Fabian Bamberg, Anette Peters, Florentin Woergoetter. Efficient Population-Based Big MR Data Analysis: A Lung Segmentation and Volumetry Example

14:55 Jaspar Pahl, Keelin Murphy, Pietro Nardelli, Gerard Hooton, Padraig Cantillon-Murphy. Searchable SQL Databases for Lung Nodule Annotations in the LIDC Collection

15:00 Catarina Veiga, David Landau, Anand Devaraj, David Hawkes, Jamie R. McClelland. Challenges in the Registration of Serial CT Images from Lung Radiotherapy Patients

15:05 Invited Speaker
John Hurst, UCL, London. Clinical Lung Imaging: A Breath of Fresh Air

16:00 Coffee and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations - Session 2
16:50 Silas Nyboe Ørting, Jens Petersen, Mathilde M. W. Wille, Laura H. Thomsen, Marleen de Bruijne. Quantifying Emphysema Extent from Weakly Labeled CT Scans of the Lungs using Label Proportions Learning

17:12 Raghavendra Selvan, Jens Petersen, Jesper H. Pedersen, Marleen de Bruijne. Extraction of Airway Trees Using Multiple Hypothesis Tracking and Template Matching

17:34 Francesco Ciompi, Kaman Chung, Arnaud A. A. Setio, Sarah J van Riel, Ernst Th. Scholten, Paul K. Gerke, Colin Jacobs, Ugo Pastorino, Alfonso Marchiano, Mathilde M. W. Wille, Mathias Prokop, Bram van Ginneken. Pulmonary Nodule Type Classification with Convolutional Networks