The Third International Workshop
on Pulmonary Image Analysis

September 20, 2010     Beijing

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Workshop Preliminary Information

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About the workshop:

This edition of the International Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis brings together researchers in pulmonary image analysis to discuss recent advances in this rapidly developing field. Many imaging modalities are currently available to study the lungs, including radiography, CT, PET and PET/CT, MRI and more. We invite papers that deal with all aspects of image analysis of pulmonary image data, including segmentation, registration, quantification, computer-aided detection and diagnosis of lung disease, modeling of the image acquisition process, visualization, statistical modeling, biophysical modeling of the lungs (computational anatomy), lung image analysis in animals, and novel applications.

Workshop Proceedings

You can download the PDF of the workshop proceedings here. The PDFs for the individual papers are available on the program page.

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You can register for the workshop by visiting the MICCAI web site.

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This workshop is sponsored in part by contributions from MedQIA, MeVis Medical Solutions, and VIDA Diagnostics.